About Iain Seath & Who I am?
The first thing that you should know about me, is I love golf and one of the main reasons why I coach is because I want to share this passion for the game with others – to get more people playing and more people playing well!

I started playing golf when I was 11 years old after one of my friends said I should ‘give it a go’. Well that spiralled! I have been lucky enough to play in tournaments all over the UK and been even luckier to win a few but I knew very early on that I wanted to teach golf.

I have been coaching for over 14 years now, helping everyone from complete beginners to single figure handicappers and golf professionals, to develop and improve every aspect of their game.

Golf is an individual sport and any coaching needs to reflect this. So, my coaching mantra is ‘one size does not fit all’. I have developed coaching programmes to provide an individual and tailored experience.
97% of my clients return for regular lessons so I hope I am doing something right and I pride myself on continually improving my services.