About Me & Who am I?

I’ve been coaching amateur and elite golfers for over 14 years and in that time I have helped more than 1000 golfers improve all aspects of their game, from suspect swings and serial slicers to horrendous hooks and pathetic putting. I have literally helped players turn thousands of bogies into birdies

Question you will ask is …..“Am I worth your time and can I help you improve your game?”

My Highlights:

  • Advanced PGA Professional
  • Cheshire County Coach
  • Staffordshire Boys County Coach
  • Adcert Advanced postgraduate golf coaching
  • Golf Foundations HSBC Golf Roots Coach
  • Golf pro for 14 years – played in many of local regional professional events
  • Performance Coach to the Staffordshire Junior
  • I’ve coached everyone from complete beginners to single figure handicappers to pro’s
  • I’m a trained Trackman Coach
  • I’m confident in my Golf coaching abilities that I offer a no risk “Lower Your Handicap or “Your Money Back” Guarantee” to all my coaching clients.
  • I’ve spent 14 years refining and developing my signature program

How about YOU & HOW Can this benefit you?

Like most keen golfers I know how serious you are about improving your game, but I also know how frustrated you are and that you feel stuck in a rut in at least one area of your game.

Whether you are an elite golfer, or a club golfer, like many of my current star pupils, I believe that my coaching program can help you improve your game and I even back it up with a guarantee.