Members Club Fees

RENEWALS of the £66.00 Annual Fees for the “Members Club” will ALL become due in January as from 2018. This does not apply to those currently paying by Direct Debit or Non-Comp Members.

Your 2017 Fees will be reduced by £5.50 for every Month already paid for, ie: Renewal due April 2017 – usual fees less £16.50 (Jan/Feb/Mar already paid) and your Members Club membership will then expire Dec 2017 renewable Jan 2018.

A list will be on the Notice Board with your Renewal dates and amount you should reduce it by. Due Jan 2017 no change – Feb 2017 deduct £5.50 – Mar deduct £11.00. etc.

From 2018 you will have TWO Renewal dates = £66.00 in January and your usual Course Fees on the Month it is now due but reduced by £66.00.

ALL payments into the Pro`s Shop as normal. (Posted by Dave Harrop)

Tee Times

You are required to pay your green fee or register in the Pro Shop before signing in with the starter in the starters hut on the 1st tee at least 10 minutes before your allocated tee time. Once you have signed in with the starter in the starters hut, your official tee time is that given to you by the starter who may have to ask you to start earlier or later as a result of someone not turning up. (Posted by the Committee)

Course Marshals wanted

Are you interested in being a course marshal at the weekends? In return for each hour of marshalling, £6 will be added to your member’s card which could be spent on food, drink, lessons or in the pro shop. If you are interested, please contact Tony, Kevin or Graham of RME  (Posted by Mr President)