Custom Fitting

Iain is a affiliated Taylormade Account holder offering all the products from there current 2020:
Fairway Woods
Each club is built to the tightest tolerance with the latest technologies to eliminate the inconsistencies seen in off-the-shelf equipment.

Custom fit golf clubs play a huge part in improving your performance and is available to all standards of golfer. But utilizing the Trackman to its full potential by using the Optimizer we can match & customize what is right for you.

We offer private one on one Trackman fittings with our undivided attention. Our custom fit expert will take time to help you find the perfect combination of club head, shaft and grip.
This process can sometimes last a couple of hours. Our fitting process includes testing your current equipment to see how it has been performing.
During your session you will get the chance to test clubs offered by all the Taylormade. You will also have access to combinations of clubs. This will include a wide range of shafts and heads made exclusively to suit your game. Once we have selected a perfect partnership, your clubs are either in stock or sent off for order you are ready to enjoy your golf game to its full potential.
The highest level of precision and attention to detail results in a perfectly matched club built to your personal specification to compliment your game.

Book a 60 minute Club Fitting £45.00: